Tuition 2021/2022

If the tuition is for 2021/2022, you should perform the payment using the functionality below:
» Student -> Tuition -> Debt account - Tuition 2021/2022

Payment using an ATM payment code for 2021/2022

You should never use an atm payment code provided in a previous year, visible in the old functionality "Portal Student -> Tuition -> Tuition".

The ATM payment codes are available in the "Payment Reference Codes" tab.

If there isn't an ATM payment code to pay what you want, please click the "Online Payment" button.

Payment in 2021/2022

If there isn't an ATM payment code to pay what you want, please click the "Online Payment" button.
Then select what you want to pay and the payment method you will use to pay.

1- Click button "Online Payment"

2- Select the debts you want to pay, the payment mode and click the "Next" button

When will the 2021/2022 tuition information be available for payment

The tuition of a Iscte degree, will be available in Fénix 24 hours after you enroll in one curricular course.

Previous years tuition

If the tuition refers to a year before 2021/2022, then the atm payment codes are visible in the old functionality.
» Portal Student -> Tuition -> Tuition

Tuition payed all at once - Discount entitlement

In order to be entitled to the discount, the following conditions must be met:
1- The degree offers a discount
2- The student does not have the Internation Student statute
3- The due date of the 1st installment as not been reached
4- The 1st installment as not been payed, unless it is payed due to reservation fee discount
5- All installments are selected when performing the payment (if any of the installments is not selected, then there will be no discount)

Payment methods available

The ATM payment code payment method is always available.
If the student does not have the portuguese nationality, he is allowed to pay with a credit card. However if the student has a foreign nationality and the portuguese nationality too, he must pay using the atm payment code.